About us...

After travelling in New Zealand in the early Nineties, Esther and Coen de Wolf along with their two children settled in Northland in August 1999. On 1st September 1999 they became the proud owners of Keripies. From the onset, the philosophy of the new owners was simple;

"Keripies would be the best possible wholesale pie"

Supported by good customer service, the quality of the pies was and still is, the main focus of Esther & Coen at all times.

Since acquiring the business, the food industry has changed and evolved. With more rules and regulations to be adhered to; pies are no longer allowed to be packed in the good-old paper bag, nutrition labelling is mandatory etc., along with changes in food safety practice. All the above and more have been embraced by the De Wolf's. Keripies have put an extensive food safety program in place well ahead of government requirements, and will continue to evolve practices, procedures and to expand their product range in the future.

Both Esther and Coen believe that a proactive approach is the best way to run their business. On a daily basis, both can be found in the Keripies premises; Esther is mostly involved with the administration, whilst as a hands-on employer, Coen will be found on the factory floor helping out where needed. Both Esther and Coen are always looking for improvements in both the processes used, as well as improvements to the existing products.

Esther and Coen are very proud of the their business, the service and the products that they supply. As an extra bonus, it comes with Northland living, a place that they both adore.

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